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We are looking for 11-13 year olds to take part in our studies. Please use this link to sign up.

From early on, those with reading disorder fall into a vicious cycle: as they aren’t very good at reading, they don’t choose to read. As they don’t engage with reading, they don’t get better at reading. We want to understand how to break this cycle and boost reading enjoyment in adolescents with reading disorders.

To understand this, we are interested in how adolescents learn new words, and what happens in their brain when they do. We are running both a study that can be completed online and an MRI study where you can get a picture of your brain. We are interested in both children with dyslexia and children who are developing typically. For this particular study, we are not able to recruit children with diagnoses of autism or ADHD.

Our first study involve MRI scans of the participants’ brains taking place in person on our campus in Egham. We offer £40 gift vouchers for participation (and a picture of your brain). You can find out more about our MRI study using the links here (Parents | Young people).

If you are further away, we are also recruiting 11-13 year olds for an online study. Children complete games and reading tasks online (via Teams). We offer a £20 gift voucher as a thank you for participation.

Please click here to express an interest in participating in our research! We are happy to arrange appointments on evenings, weekends and school holidays.


Recognising the time and effort schools must make to participate in research, we typically offer a small book voucher to thank schools for participation in our research, and are happy to give a science talk to students.

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